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One Word That Changed the Course of History

Thomas Jefferson altered one word in the Declaration of Independence to set the course of American history.

If you have ever doubted the power of words to transform consciousness, consider this:

An early draft of the Declaration of Independence has a blurry word where Thomas Jefferson apparently changed his mind. Up until now historians have wondered what the earlier word was. Today a news item announced that scientists have solved the mystery.

“By examining the draft and the different wave lengths of light – a process known as hyper-spectral imaging – scientists discovered his original word was: ‘subjects.'”

But in a flash of inspiration while the ink was still wet he wiped it and wrote ‘citizens’ instead.

That was the moment, according to historians, that “redefined the American colonists.” (You can read the original ABC News report here.)

Thomas Jefferson’s choice of words still resonates more than two centuries later. The transformational power of language, particularly “self-talk” is a favorite subject here at Thought Medicine.

What words might you change in order to transform your life?

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  • Laurel Huggins

    Linda, Please know how much I appreciate your ability to bring amazing facts and thoughts into my world.

  • “Old” would be changed to “getting younger everyday”.
    “Should” would be changed to “could”.
    “Skank” would just be wiped out completely.

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