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About Linda Gabriel

photo of Linda Gabriel by Mary Ann Halpin

Linda Gabriel photo by Mary Ann Halpin

Many years ago I asked in meditation,
“What is my purpose?  Why am I here?”
Guess what?  I got an immediate answer!
It was one of the very few times in my life that I actually heard a Voice.
There was no mistaking it; the Voice clearly said,
“To think certain thoughts.”

That can’t be it, I thought. What kind of life purpose is that?

Over time I would come to understand and appreciate the truth and power of such an assignment, but at the time I believed that message was just… well – dumb! I was sure my soul purpose had to be much more complicated. Although the instruction was simple enough, turns out it’s not necessarily easy. Believe me, it can be incredibly difficult to think certain thoughts, especially during those times when I wasn’t feeling certain about anything.

Along the way I encountered teachings which have helped shaped my journey. Among my influences are Master of Nazareth, Caroline Myss, Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, John Upledger, Solihin Thom, Venessa Rahlston, Michael Newton, Esther Hicks, Sanaya Roman, Michael Talbot, Albert Einstein, Barbara Brennan, Robert Scheinfeld, Arnold Patent, Don Miguel Ruiz and the Ruiz family, Joseph Rael, and Mingtong Gu.

I also acquired practical transformational tools including Hypnotherapy, NLP, Craniosacral Therapy, Brain Gym®, EFT and Psych-K®. I’ve authored two books one of which, Weight Loss Forever, spent several weeks on amazon.com’s top 10 list of books about hypnosis for weight loss.

I’ve created Thought Medicine to share the best of what I’ve learned along the way, and to collect new insights and discoveries as they unfold. I know I will be learning a lot from my readers. I look forward to our conversations.

“In the beginning was the thought…”

…to paraphrase the opening sentence of a very famous book!
Thoughts create things.
Thoughts create feelings and perceptions.
Everything begins with thoughts, even our words.

You’ve probably heard the phrase,
“You create your own reality.”
There is a lot of truth to that.
But it’s probably truer to say,
“Your thoughts create your own reality.”

Consider two people on the same amusement park ride,
maybe one of those loop-the-loop roller coasters.
One perceives the experience as fun, fun, fun!
The other person is terrified.
Because each person has a different inner interpretation of the exact same outer experience.
By the way, which person is right? Which point of view is true?
The answer has to be, “Both!”
Perhaps a better question to ask is,
“Which point of view is more useful?”

Why Medicine?

One of the prime definitions of the word “medicine” is “something that affects well-being.” That’s close to the Native American concept of “good medicine.” But I also chose the word “medicine” to reflect the amazing amount of scientific research that is bringing Western minds closer to understanding how deeply consciousness is intertwined with health and well-being. I love that the words “medicine” and “meditation” both derive from the same Latin word, mederi, to heal.